Value of Advice Insight: Never underestimate the value of avoiding the pitfalls

As we journey through life, there are all sorts of financial obstacles and pitfalls to negotiate – some are minor speed bumps, but some can cause us major setbacks, and a whole lot of grief. These are the ‘pitfalls’ you need to avoid – IF you see them coming.

Here are just a few of the more common ones:

Budget blowouts

These are so common – yet so easily avoided. Paying too much tax It’s amazing how many people do this because they haven’t structured their affairs properly or just fail to take advantage of government incentives.

Inadequate life insurance

The shocking truth is that, often, the life cover people get – with their super for example – is simply inadequate, leaving them badly exposed.

Hidden fees and terms
There is a diverse range of products, some more difficult to understand than others. We have people who actually read all the fine print.

Dodgy or inappropriate investments
There are plenty of dodgy and inappropriate investments. And people fall for them every day. We don’t. Because we have a whole team of analysts and lawyers who pre-vet any investments we recommend.

Changing Super and Tax laws
This is a big one. Many people innocently fall foul of regulations simply because they’re not up to date. And end up with the regulators on their back.

Poor or no estate planning
Lack of proper estate planning can be a complete disaster for families – with your assets ending up in the wrong hands, paying too much tax, family disputes and a legacy of misery.

Going guarantor on a loan
People often go guarantor on a loan to help out children or other family members – and it ends in tears.

We have the experience and expertise to help you avoid the pitfalls
Fortunately, this is all very familiar territory to us and we have an entire team of experts on the lookout for any new threats that might emerge. That’s why we’re so well equipped to help you avoid the pitfalls that inevitably come your way. Worth every cent, right?


The information contained within, including taxation, does not consider your personal circumstances and is of a general nature only. You should not act on it without first obtaining professional financial advice specific to your circumstances and reading any product disclosure statements. RI Advice Group Pty Ltd ABN 23 001 774 125, AFSL 238429.

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Value of Advice Insight: Never underestimate the value of avoiding the pitfalls